Troubleshoot Kindle Frozen Screen

Kindle Frozen Screen

It is a miracle of advanced technology that has almost ended the journey of the library for Booklovers by converting the larger bookshelves into the smaller book folders. This is made possible by Kindle, a specific series of tablets introduced by Amazon. If we talk about the usability and incredibility of the device, a Kindle user can purchase & download, books, magazines, and newspapers directly on his device. Moreover, a Kindle owner can perform multiple tasks with his tablet like browse the web, carry his personal documents, access various games and applications, watch videos, listen to audiobooks and manage his to-do list, etc.

Since nothing is perfect in this world, hence Kindle also may lack sometimes in performance due to some errors. Kindle Screen Frozen is one of them. As the name suggests, during this issue your Kindle stuck with a single screen and the screen light continuously glows until the issue fixed. If you tap on your Kindle screen or press volume button nothing will happen there. It is the most frustrating moment when your Kindle screen denies your access requests, and stubborn with a single condition. Let us go in deep with the whole scenario to understand the issue and identify its fixes.

Why My Kindle Fire Screen Is Frozen?

It is difficult to define a particular reason behind the unresponsive screen for your Kindle Fire. But there are some possibilities, that can cause such issues. By controlling some actions or altering our methods of working with our device can limit these possibilities and enhance the working ability of your Kindle Device. In most of the cases, a Kindle Fire screen freezes generally when,

A User Attempts Multiple Downloading At A Time On His Kindle

Like other digital devices including laptops, smartphones, personal computers, etc when you organize multiple downloading simultaneously on your Kindle, the processor of your device gets busy and the operational storage becomes overloaded. In resulting your Kindle becomes frozen, slower, or even unresponsive sometimes. For achieving the greater running ability of your kindle screen, make sure to download a single app at one time.

When Your Kindle Is Dealing A Heavy Multitasking

Sometimes when you switch to another app without closing the previous one, the previously opened app continuously runs in the background and equally access the resources as the current app. It can freeze your kindle screen due to heavy usage of resources like power, storage, etc. Hence before heading to the next app close the previous app properly.

When A Kindle Fire Screen Is Broken Or Damaged

If your Kindle screen is broken, there is no possibility to unfreeze it and make it running. The only way to de-freeze your Kindle Fire screen is to replace it with a new one with the help of a reliable service provider.

When There Is A Barrier Between Your Finger And Fire Screen

If your Kindle screen guard or protective cover is too thick that the screen is unable to sense your finger touch, then it is much better to remove or replace it with the appropriate one. Also, if there is an air bubble or dirt between the screen guard and Kindle screen, clear it. Wipe your Kindle screen with a soft cotton clothing to make the screen dust and dirt free.

Which Kind Of Kindle Frozen Issues A User May Face

  • A partially frozen Kindle screen
  • A frozen Kindle with a startup screen
  • Kindle Fire Screen frozen
  • Frozen Kindle screen on Paperwhite
  • A frozen Kindle screen on its screensaver.
Kindle Screen Frozen Troubleshoot

How To Fix Kindle Screen Frozen?

Reset Your Kindle

Keep pressing the Power button on either side of your device for 20 seconds. Turn it on again after a short instance of time. You can keep pressing the power button for more than 20 seconds until the screen reboots itself.

Keep Your Battery Completely Charged

Keep an active site on the charging status of your battery. As is shows a low battery state connects it with the charger and maintains its working up.

Uninstall The Problematic App

If you think your device keeps freezing again and again, after installing a particular app, you can remove it from your device. Locate the particular app on your Kindle screen, and make a hard press to the app icon on your Kindle and select Remove from the device. It will uninstall that app and restore your Kindle’s functionality as before.


During troubleshooting your Kindle if you need any kind of help or face any inconvenience contact our Kindle Help Support. Connect with us and address your problem with our expert engineer. They will help you to fix the issue as soon as possible.