Reset Kindle Fire Password

Reset Kindle Fire Password

While buying a new digital device, which requires some of your confidential information like some important contacts, photographs, documents, passwords and other such information, the first thing he must care about, is security measures. If the device is not capable of preventing itself from an unauthorized user, it may cause a serious issue regarding the misuse of the owner’s personal data. Thanks to the password facility that inhibits the wrong person to access your device and data.

If we talk about the most loved devices of the Ereaders, Kindle is paramount. This lovely tablet offers a lock screen feature to save your device from various unauthorized accesses. You can save a unique password or generate a specific PIN to unlock your Kindle Fire. When someone will try to open your device it will ask to enter that specific PIN or Password. Thus none of any unwanted users can access your device data. And the one more good thing is that you can reset Kindle password anytime and anywhere you wish.

When You Can Reset Your Kindle Password?

  • Sometimes a Kindle owner forgets his device password and despite emphasizing his memory, he doesn't even remember a single digit. If he succeeds to get the digits might be he forget their correct sequence. If there is one wrong digit or one wrong sequence you will not be able to launch your home screen. Here it will require to reset your password.
  • When a Kindle user realizes that his password is no more confidential now. There is someone who is aware of it. Then he must proceed to reset the password on Kindle.
  • If you are bored with the same password or you want to change it for no reason, you can reset your Kindle tablet password.

Whatever reason you are considering for resetting your password, only aims the protection of your data and device.

How To Reset Kindle Password?

There are some specific methods you can use to fix your Kindle Fire password resetting issues:

Reset Kindle Fire Password Using Amazon Account

  • Simply open your Kindle Fire lock screen and enter a wrong sequence of four digits.
  • The device will ask you Please try again and you have to enter the wrong Pin four more times.
  • When you attempt the wrong kindle password the fifth time, A pop-up message of Incorrect password will appear. At the bottom of the warning box, there will be two options, first, the link saying Tap here to factory reset and second, the Reset Password Button.
  • Choose the second option RESET PASSWORD.
  • In Verify your Account screen, enter the Password of your Amazon account and press Continue to move further.
  • There will open a new screen namely, Lock Screen passcode.
  • Enable one of the radio buttons either the PIN or the Password.
  • In the new PIN/Password text box insert your new four digits credentials.
  • Confirm the new password by re-entering it.

Your Kindle password is reset now. Now you can use the new password to access your device.

How To Reset Kindle Password

Simply Reset Your Kindle Fire Password

  • Launch the Kindle Fire Home screen and go to the Quick settings icon and tap it.
  • Tap More or select the Settings icon on your Kindle Home screen and select More.
  • In the additional settings menu, tap Security, then tap Lock Screen Password.
  • In the Lock Screen Password screen, enter the existing password in the first field, then a new password in the appropriate field.
  • Re-enter the new password and tap Confirm.
  • Select Finish. Your new password will save now.
  • When you reopen your device you will need to insert the new password this time.

Factory Reset Of Your Kindle Fire

  • Adopt the above-mentioned steps from 1 to 3, to open the Incorrect Password screen.
  • This time select the first option ‘Tap here to Factory reset’.
  • Confirm your selection and continue.
  • As the factory reset process completes, your Kindle Fire will restart itself.
  • Select your language and continue.
  • Now you can again set your new password by using the settings menu of your device.

Take Help From Ereaders Support

If you are completely clueless regarding where to start the resetting process of your Kindle Fire, don’t stress yourself. Just make a call to our toll-free Kindle Help Support Customer Service Number. You will instantly get help from an expert technician. He will assist you throughout the process and solve your all queries related to your reset Kindle Fire issue with all possible solutions.