Kindle Wont Connect To Wifi

Kindle Wont Connect To Wifi

What! Your Kindle is not connecting to Wifi? Have you tried all the carrots and the sticks to fix the issue but get nothing in return? Well, keep calm and easy, we are always there to help you in every such issue with your favorite Kindle. It sounds really exciting to have a mini library in your pocket and get drowned in the magical world of amazing books whenever and wherever you want. Yes, if you are owning an Amazon Kindle tablet, you would be well aware of it. And if you still didn’t have a Kindle device, you must buy it now to experience the most fascinating and knowledgeable opportunity to get lost with a highly interesting book.

Well, it is obvious that a good book always plays the role of a good friend in your life. It can be your mentor, teacher, and a great source of motivation in order to achieve your goals. Amazon Kindle is the medium to access the unbeatable range of amazing online ebooks from Amazon store as well as other online book stores. With this tiny gadget, you can not only do e-reading but also watch videos, play music, gaming and much more. You can download books and other stuff for offline purposes. But it is not always possible that all things happen in the way we wish.

There might be some technical issues with your Kindle that can cause the situation Kindle won’t connect to Wifi and turn your expectations into a bitter experience. However, this issue can be a bit tricky to resolve when you don’t have proper skills, time and resources but with the help of reliable e-readers’ support, you can effectively fix the issue within a few minutes.

Why My Kindle Not Connecting To Wifi?

There can be many reasons when your Kindle refuses your request to connect with a Wifi. Some most common reasons may include:

  • Maybe your Wifi router and your Device are placed too far from each other.
  • If the Wifi option under Wireless connection is disabled in your device, it will not be able to recognize the available wifi networks in your surroundings.
  • If the Airplane mode of your device is on then it can not connect to your Wifi router.
  • If your Wifi router is off or there is no power supply to your Wifi router, then you should forget to make its connection with your Kindle.
  • If you are connecting to the wrong Wifi network.
  • If you are using the wrong password of your Wifi network.
  • If the battery of your Kindle is in Critical condition or our Kindle is turned off.
  • If you have a frozen screen, then you can’t connect your device to the Wifi network.
  • If the server of your Wifi network is poor.
  • If the LED’s on your Wifi modem are continuously blinking.
Why My Kindle Not Connecting To Wifi

How To Connect A Kindle With Wifi, Step By Step Procedure

Collect all necessary login credentials of your Wifi network and follow the below procedure:

How To Connect A Kindle With Wifi
  • Power up your Kindle screen and swipe down the screen from upside.
  • In the quick settings menu choose Wireless.
  • Disable Airplane mode if it is enabled.
  • Tap on Wifi and make it enable by turning on the toggle button next to it.
  • The device will scan the available Wifi connections in your nearby area. From the suggested list, choose the appropriate network you want to connect.
  • Insert the password in the required field.
  • Mark the Show Password checkbox to check that the password you have entered is correct. If you find it right, tap on connect.

To Connect With A Wifi Network Manually

  • Turn on the Wifi on your kindle by making the above-mentioned steps and in the open list, tap on Add Network option.
  • Type your network name in the Network SSID text field.
  • Select your network security type, from the drop-down menu of the Security option.
  • If required set network password and tap on Save option.
  • It will connect your Kindle to the prospected network.

How To Fix My Kindle Won’t Connect To Wifi?

You can adopt the following suggested methods to keep your Kindle working when it won’t connect to Wifi:

  • Reset your Kindle by pressing the power button for a minimum of 20 seconds. After a few seconds, turn on the Power button and try to connect again.
  • Place your device enough close to the Wifi router.
  • Make sure your Wifi router’s power supply is on. If it is not on the router and wait until the LED’s get stable.
  • Reset your Wifi modem or router.
  • Ask your network service provider about any inconvenience.


If you find yourself unable to cope up with the situation, you can contact our Amazon Kindle Customer Service Number for any kind of Kindle not connecting to Wifi issues. Our expert technicians will answer your call and listen to your problems. They will provide you the best solution to ensure your Kindle Wifi connectivity by taking some simple and minimum number of steps. Also, they will step by step to guide you throughout the whole process.

As your Kindle Wifi connecting issue gets resolved, you can access the ample range of Amazon ebooks and shop for them. Also, you can enjoy the Amazon Prime videos on your lovely Kindle device.