Kindle Troubleshooting

Kindle Troubleshooting

Kindle has become the prime choice of people to read the books of their choice online from the comfort of their couch. People love to choose this product on a wide scale as it can save an ample amount of space. It allows you to carry your favorite books in a little device. While using the product, if you find that you have been locked out of the device or in case you do not remember the password, it is essential to do the factory reset. It helps you in restoring the device to the original settings. As you reset the Kindle, you will end up losing the personal settings and content. You do not need to worry as you can find the previous content in the cloud storage. In addition to this, in case the Kindle Fire gets locked owing to any reason and showcases the frozen screen, it is recommended to do a soft reset where you do not lose the settings or content.

Soft and hard both the reset techniques of the Kindle helps you to fix so many errors encountered by most of the Kindle users. The most common issues are Kindle won’t charge even connecting to the power source, massive battery drain, irresponsive behavior of speakers and headphones while connecting to your Kindle, confused or non-operational keypad, Kindle won’t turn on, Kindle stuck with a frozen screen, Kindle app is not responding, Kindle is unable to connect with the wifi network, kindle is not connecting with the PC and other devices, etc. Each issue occurs due to some software or hardware failure. Sometimes, wrong settings and disable status of some services also create such kind of Kindle errors.

Steps To Perform Reset Password In Kindle

Here are a few steps; you need to follow for performing the kindle reset password:

  • At first, you require pressing and tapping the "power" button of the device for the activation of the Kindle Fire.
  • In the next step, you require swiping down from the upper part of the screen for displaying the device options.
  • Now, press on "More" for displaying the Settings Menu of the Kindle.
  • After this, you should click on Device after which you have to choose "Reset to Factory Defaults".
  • Again, you require pressing on "Erase Everything".
  • Hit on "Yes" for confirming. The device will be restarting and restoring factory settings. You need to wait for 4-7 minutes. The device will reboot and you require connecting it to a network.
  • Choose the WiFi network after which you should type the password.
  • As the device gets connected to the specific network, it will ask you to register it
  • After entering the email ID as well as the password of the Amazon account, you should tap on "Register".
  • Once the registration process is completed, you can start reading it.

Though the files which were once saved have been lost, you will be capable of getting access to the content, which was saved in the device or the Cloud Storage.

Steps To Perform Soft Reset

Here is a list of the steps; you need to follow for performing the soft resetting of the Kindle:

  • In the beginning, you require pressing and holding the Power button of the device for twenty seconds.
  • Now, you require releasing the Power button of the device
  • After this, it is recommended to wait for some time till the charging light, present next to the button of the Kindle turns on
  • Again, you need to press the Power button of the device, for rebooting it.


Steps to reset the forgotten password in the first-generation kindle:

The first generation Kindle Fire makes use of a unique technique to reset the forgotten passwords. Here is a list of the steps; you should follow for resetting the forgotten password of the device

  • At first, you require typing any password or the last password you remember for 4 times.
  • After all these unsuccessful attempts, you will be asked whether you are willing to reset the Kindle.
  • Now, tap on "Yes" and you will find that the device will be restored to the original factory settings.

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