Kindle Paperwhite Not Recognized

How To Troubleshoot Kindle Paperwhite Not Recognized Windows 10

How To Troubleshoot Kindle Paperwhite Not Recognized Windows 10

The year passes on and kindle made a blasting impact on mind of every reader and became the first choice for ereaders. People can make use of kindle for reading, buying different digital books, magazines and different other stuff. The device got new features as to fit with latest windows version. Kindle is an amazing device when compared with other devices as it offer unlike reading experience. The Steps to follow when kindle paperwhite is not getting recognized on Windows 10.


By going with the information mentioned in this blog guide you will get to know the right techniques for eradicating kindle complex faults. The suggested answers for fixing such issue is very basic to follow. Make sure to follow as per the steps until kindle not recognized error is not settled.


Steps For Kindle Paperwhite is Not Getting Recognized on Windows


Method 1: Try Different Cable Or USB Port


The best way to confirm whether there is any damage with PC’s USB port or within the connection. One must assure that link is not harmed. Verify USB Port supportive power by connecting other device with it. For instance, on getting an outsider webcam, reader have to place some effort for checking USB port.


If system views gadget, by then port may be harmed. For this circumstance, if fault taking place with USB Connection. You can try out different ports for checking whether they can view kindle. On installing kindle comes different fault with connection, you need to make use of effective USB connection for making PC recognized kindle paperwhite.


Method 2: Try Making Use Of Different PC


Anyone can try to connect kindle with different PC. By performing this technique you get to see whether error is taking place with PC, Kindle Paperwhite or USB Connection.


Method 3: Keep Kindle In Charging Mode For Longer Duration Of Hours


On experiencing a practical fault with kindle then try to go for charging kindle for 30 minutes. Once the charging session gets complete afterwards try to connect kindle paperwhite with PC and check whether recognized issue has been fixed or not.


Method 4: Performing Hard Reset Procedure


Similar to many other mobiles and different tablets, kindle also offer reset option that allows ereaders to remove device memory and wipe out everything from device. After completing the hard reset on kindle fire, you will see that fixing hardware issues is not that tough and PC will begin to recognize kindle paperwhite.


Steps to follow for completing kindle hard reset:

  • Connect kindle with PC
  • Keep Power key on hold for atleast 40 seconds.
  • Have faith that kindle will begin restarting
  • Once device get restarted, release the power key
  • If kindle is not able to restart, you can turn ON kindle by pressing the power key.


Method 5: Connecting Kindle By Using Caliber


You can try to connect kindle with PC by making use of Caliber. Turn off PC and kindle, then remove all connection related. On reaching a particular point when connected with PC, you can move up by associating kindle to PC. Switch on digital ereader and look whether the issue has settled or not.


Method 6: Getting Latest Kindle App


In a situation where your kindle paperwhite is not recognized windows 10, this can take place due to presence of outdated kindle app. The tablet make use of kindle app for document transfer and if the app is completely outdated then you can experience different errors. Many people showcased that installing latest version of kindle app has fixed their concerns, so try to update kindle app. In case you already installed the latest kindle app and still you are facing same error then try to reinstall it and install again for checking if error is fixed or not.


Method 7: Keep Device To Connect With Camera


You can fix this issue by connecting kindle fire as camera. For doing this, try to connect kindle from menu section which states connecting kindle to PC. In a situation where you cant find this option in menu section, you can reach settings>storage section on your device.


Many people have experienced that their kindle not recognized issue got fixed by connecting their kindle fire as an USB device. This option in addition is available from storage section or beginning from menu section, so try this technique. Always make sure to move between different options before windows can recognize the device.


Method 8: Try Transferring Documents With Wi-Fi Network


If PC is not recognizing kindle paperwhite, you will get the alternative for fixing this fault by transferring documents over Wi-Fi. For doing this, you have to use Cloud driver or file manage app. The other beneficial apps which will help in fixing this fault is send to kindle and wifi explorer, so you must try these apps as well. By making use of these apps you will have the option to move files from kindle with Wi-Fi network. Make sure that Wifi connection works slower than USB, so this will take more time for moving larger files.


Method 9: Choose Another Connecting Link


If kindle is not recognized by windows, this may due to link connection. Sometimes your connecting link will stop working if it is damaged or stopped working. Try replacing your link and verify if windows recognizes kindle. As stated by various individuals, they required to begin different USB connection prior to locate which one will operate in fine manner.


Method 10: Connect Kindle With PC And Begin Restarting It


It is very easier to begin kindle restarting process as it only requires few steps to follow and the restarting procedure will get finished in few minutes. For completing the process, follow the steps:

  • Interface Kindle with the PC.
  • While Kindle gets connected, restart it.
  • In case everything is together, you’ll hear an affiliation sound. If not, go over the past stages a couple of times until you hear the affiliation sound.
  • After hearing the connecting sound, enter your PIN code on the Kindle. You may get a message referring to a low-limit charger. Expecting this is the situation, essentially ignore the message.
  • After reaching This PC and you should have the alternative to find Fire drive near My Pictures or My Music.
  • According to various individuals, Kindle is seen by their PC just if kindle is low on battery and is in charging mode. There’s probably an error causing this issue, yet it should be fixed by installing updates on kindle.


Method 11: Turning Off Two Devices And Begin Using Caliber For Transferring Documents


You will get the option to remove this fault by using caliber for transferring documents. For doing this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn off your PC and Kindle for withdrawing all connections.
  • Leave again.
  • Now open Caliber and connect Kindle to the PC.
  • Turn on the Kindle.


Next to experiencing the above advances, the PC should see your device and you’ll have the choice to move documents without any issues.


Method 12: Connect Device With Different USB Port


Many people stated that kindle is not recognized when connected with USB Port 3.0. The USB Port 3.0 version is new and previous devices are not equipped with exact skills that required by USB 3.0 On making use of USB 3.0 port, try to connect kindle with USB 2.0 port. Few individuals stated that using USB 2.0 has fixed the fault of kindle not getting recognized. So try out connecting kindle via USB port and let the concerned issues getting fixed.


Method 13: Begin Reinstalling Kindle Drivers


  • Make sure kindle is connected with PC
  • Now open device manager
  • Locate kindle from the list, right click and choose uninstall device.
  • The messages will pop-up. Choose uninstall for removing kindle drivers.
  • After removing kindle drivers, remove USB link and try to reconnect for one more time.
  • Now windows will begin showcasing the installed drivers.
  • Once reinstalling is completed, any error related to kindle fire will get fixed.


The particular error that takes place with driver will make your device to get unrecognized by windows 10. This issue will get fixed once you begin reinstalling drivers. Few individuals also tried to reinstall their USB Mass storage device.


The device located in Universal Serial Bus regulators section, yet prior to find it you will have the option to check smart devices. Once driver is removed, you can disconnect Kindle and begin restarting both PC and Kindle. When two devices reboots, connect them and kindle will get recognized.


Method 14: Switch ON And OFF PC When Kindle Is Connected.


The other technique for fixing this fault is to connect kindle with PC and then turn off PC. Once the process running on PC gets ended, wait for few minutes and try to disconnect one more time. When PC begins to turn ON, kindle will get recognized. This is not the easier solution, so you will require to perform this method two to three time prior windows recognizes your kindle paperwhite.


Method 15: Updating Kindle Software


Everyone have the option to troubleshoot kindle not recognized error by refreshing Kindle firmware. Firmware update regularly fixes similarity issues, and if your Kindle isn’t perceived by Windows 10, firmware update may fix that. If you don’t refresh your firmware appropriately or in case you introduce an off-base update, you can harm your Kindle which can lead to serious issues such kindle not getting recognized or some other faults that can further faults while making use of kindle.In case you choose to refresh your firmware be additional careful and remember that you’re refreshing it at your own danger.


Fix Kindle Not Recognized Windows 10


Every person has the alternative to troubleshoot Kindle Not Recognized fault by updating kindle software. Software update many times fix many issues and the error Kindle Not Recognized Windows 10 will also get fixed.


Method 16: Try To Connect Kindle With Caliber


Anyone can try to connect kindle with PC by making use of Caliber. Switch off PC and Kindle, at that time remove all the links connected. When you exchanged PC, you can swipe up caliber and try connecting kindle with PC. Switch ON kindle device and look whether this technique has fixed the issue.


Method 17: Turn On ADB

The alternative option you can try is turning ON ADB incorporated on kindle device. On analyzing that this feature is activated on device, anyone can empower it and look whether the issue is fixed or not. Anyone can do this by reaching settings panel and select device. After selecting device you can allow ADB option.


Method 18: Follow The Way Toward Reinstalling Kindle


You will require to place some efforts at reinstalling the latest Kindle programming for Windows 10 to fix the issue. For doing this, hold fast to the rules underneath:

  1. Press Windows Key+S on your gadget.
  2. Input “settings” (no announcements), by then hit Enter.
  3. Select Apps.
  4. Go aside sheet menu, by then pick Apps and Features.
  5. Reach right sheet, by then search for Kindle.
  6. Click it, by then select Uninstall.
  7. Restart your PC.
  8. Go to the Downloads page of official website, by then get the latest Kindle programming for Windows 10.


However, anyone can fix this issue of Kindle paperwhite Not Recognized Windows 10 in quick manner yet in case you are still confronting the same issue and nothing appears to get fixed, by then speak with our kindle specialists by means of live talk meetings and get your issues settled inside couple of minutes.


If you need to remove the error Kindle Paperwhite Not Recognized Windows 10 and you followed all the basic stages for getting it settled in any case nothing seems to turned out then the recommendation is to talk with us by methods for live visit gatherings for developing right kindle help services to make kindle perform better with its most astonishing features and make your reading sessions memorable with this amazing device known as kindle.

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