Kindle Paperwhite Tips

5 Kindle Paperwhite Tips Every Reader Needs To Know

5 Kindle Paperwhite Tips Every Reader Needs to Know

Kindle Paperwhite’s Amazon transforms your wallet into a library. In its elegant black case, it has thousands of books and in the cloud, it can carry thousands more. The Kindle Paperwhite is really incredible, but a lot is going on inside. The Paperwhite has an adjustable LED light so that you can see the page when camping under the stars, now waterproof for comfortable beach-side reading, and for any references of a character or word you pursue without terrifying flip-ups. And if you want to know how many hours you need to finish a book, you can also say that.


However, these are just the fundamentals. We have some more detailed ideas to optimize fun and allow a sense of your Kindle.



  • Kindle X-Ray


A book is often cleverer than you and even a genius sometimes. The X-Ray functionality improves the Intellect of a novel by enabling you to immediately examine the bones (ideas, themes, historical people, fictional characters, and locations). Tap the top of the device to show the secondary reading toolbar when you’ve opened a book on Paperwhite and then press X-Ray. Further information about the main figures, locations, and proposals in the book will be accessible and a list of relevant aspects can be seen. For all books, X-Ray is not accessible.


Kindle X-Ray



  • Use Goodreads Recommendations


Goodreads is like a book group but doesn’t allow you to work out the schedule, make sure that the room is tidy or debates over what to learn. At the Kindle, press the Goodreads button in the toolbar (“g”) and you can sign in or build a new Goodreads account. You want to read books on the Goodreads collection for quick exposure to new titles appear on the Home Page of the Kindle. You will always see what friends read, what thoughts they speak about on their books, and read a preview before committing to a full novel.



  • Browse More Than A Book Library


There is a web browser in Kindle PaperWhite. It’s a little basic, but it can be handy in a hurry because the other apps have some connectivity, however no battery life. Tap the top-right menu and pick the New Tab. Press Option on the top right. It will create a (very slowly) browser; key in the top menu bar of your desired URL. Do not believe that you have found a way around the mobile data plan if you have a 3 G device. The browser can access Wikipedia and Amazon only without a Wireless Internet connection.



  • Take Screenshots On Kindle


Save what you see on the show by shooting it. Tap either the upper right and lower left corner at the same time or the upper left corner and lower left of the screen at the same time. You must see a flash that means that the image is saved. Connect your Kindle to your computer to see it in the Root folder (it is the PNG files). You will see your image in this folder.



  • Borrow A Kindle Book


You can borrow books from Kindle for your own Paperwhite and rent books from Kindle to your friends even if they have no Kindle. The loan time is 14 days, with the investor to be unable to read the novel. Sign in to on your laptop to reserve a novel. Navigate to the tab for your purchase, and the “Loan this Purchase” choice will be accessible on the left top of this list. Or go to your Content and Devices Management page and locate the necessary book. Pick “loan this Word” in the pop-up window, then click on the toolbar on the left) (with three dots. Enter the borrower’s email address (your response can be included) and press Submit Now.


By using these simple and easy Kindle Paperwhite tips and hacks you can get the most out of your device. Hence follow the above-mentioned expert’s tricks and enjoy your tiny library wherever you want to.

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