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5 Common Problems With Your Kindle Fire HD And How To Fix Them

Common Problems With Your Kindle Fire HD and How to Fix Them

Amazon’s Kindle Fire series has become considered a success story when it comes to the Android tablets region. Since the release of the first Kindle Burn, Amazon’s apps have seen several updates, with HD available in various sizes and delivering material to a wide variety of viewers. Of course, even the most successful devices out there have some challenges, so we’ve made an attempt to compile some of the more common Kindle Fire HD issues you may find. Below, we’ll explore some of the possible approaches you might consider to fix these problems.



  • Kindle Fire Won’t Start



Several customers have said that when they boot their Kindle Fire HD, they have brief freezes or glitches or can not trigger the system at all. 


Available Solutions: 


  • Hold the power button down for 20 seconds to reset and then click the control button. It can eliminate any bugs that trigger the issue. 
  • Hold the Power Button for a time of twenty seconds, then click the loader and hold again the Power Button to activate it. When you suspect your battery could be flat, leave it charged approximately one hour prior to turning it on.



  • Kindle Can’t Connect to Wifi



There are many explanations for not linking your Kindle Fire HD system to a Wi-Fi network. 


Possible Solutions: 


  • Make sure you haven’t disabled airplane mode and you have Wi-Fi through More Wireless. 
  • Reboot the fire HD on your Kindle. 
  • To ensure the channels in your region are not too noisy, download a Wi-Fi analyzer device. 
  • Make sure you totally charge your Kindle Fire HD and then restore the kindle fire HD to the settings of the factory.


  • Kindle Internal Errors


Several users encountered “global bugs” while attempting to open certain software. Many people have sent a reply. 


Available Solutions


  • Restart your Kindle Fire HD with 20 seconds of power down and then switching it back on again. 
  • Switch off the internet router a few seconds and then reverse to prevent all network connection issues. 
  • Make sure that your device has the right date and time by swiping from the top of the phone.
  • Check for the device that will not be enabled by swiping from the top of the computer and pick Further apps. Pick Force Stop – Good – Simple Details – Good until you’ve found the device. 
  • Disable the Kindle Fire, go to Further – my account – Delete from the app. The computer will then be tracked again, so you will see how the result has improved.


Kindle Won’t Charge Issue



Kindle Fire HD users have written on several batteries and charging concerns. Others actually fail to tax, whereas some merely add a fraction and gradually fee. 


Possible Solutions: 


  • Turn off the Kindle Fire HD and power a few hours. 
  • Seek to ensure the connector is not disabled for an external tool. 
  • Seek to force or shift the cord forward if the light does not display charging. All Kindle Fire HDs have loose ports. If your port is loose, you can call Amazon to order a replacement. 
  • Make sure you use your original charger cable for your Kindle Fire.


Preinstalled Browser is Not Working in Kindle


Various users of Kindle Fire HD also reported issues with the Silk browser that was preinstalled. It was also blamed for its poor success and continual breakdown. 


Possible Solutions: 


  • Seek to restart your computer for 20 seconds by keeping the power button, and then re-enable it again. 
  • Unlock your Silk client by going to Settings – Software – Manage all devices – All apps – Silk browsers – Unlock info. 
  • Attempt to find another browser, such as Dolphin.


These are the most popular issues with the Kindle Fire HD mentioned by customers. If further concerns occur, we will continue to update this list and offer alternative ways to address the problems. Remember to contact us if you faced the issues we spoke about, if our ideas succeeded for you and if we discussed any other issues you have, and we will help you find the best answer.

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